At Pathways, as we strengthen our presence in the Immokalee community, make room for additionally students and create awareness among our donors, we are optimistic about our future. Our mission is every bit as critical today as when we opened our doors over 55 years ago. This is what we envision for the future:

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Community Relations - Pathways prides itself on being a prominent part of the Immokalee community, not only through education, but in all avenues of development. We will continue to share the story of its hard-working citizens to continue to create opportunities.

Financial Sustainability - Our generous donors are the backbone of Pathways Early Education Center of Immokalee. They keep our doors open and lights on. Beyond that, they share our passion for helping the impoverished create a better future through education. With continued support and increased awareness, we will strengthen our financial position, ensuring continued growth and expansion.

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*Photo of Board of Directors meeting in 1980.

Strategic Planning - Plans are well underway for our future and we are excited! Over the past 56 plus years, we have grown immensely. With the help of our donors, we expect to see even greater growth over the next 56 plus years.

Increased Enrollment - Today, we have nearly 500 students on our waiting list. These students and families are in need of a safe early education program that recognizes the hardships faced every day in Immokalee. We are dedicated to serving our current and future families. We know there are over 1,000 school age children who do not receive necessary services. 

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School Expansion - To ensure we can best meet the needs of the community, we need to open new doors, adding onto our school and campus to service a greater number of families. Through the above initiatives, we feel we will accomplish our end goal - to create a brighter future for impoverished children, through early-education, strong values and a deep sense of community. 

"Every child deserves to grow up strong and healthy. But by nearly every measure, children living in poverty and children of color face the biggest obstacles - such as low birth weight, unstable housing, and limited access to quality childcare." ~Zero to Three