Pathways Early Education Center
While we can guide children on the path to success, parent involvement is a critical to keeping children engaged in their future. This starts during the enrollment process as the children meet with parents to establish individual learning goals for their children. Our teachers value the input for social development and share age-appropriate milestones as well as strategies for continued development at home.

We also require our parents to volunteer at least one hour per month – although many volunteer more! This volunteer time could be volunteering in the classroom, helping prepare materials outside the classroom, or joining our parent boosters in special fundraising projects. Some of our families have made delicious homemade treats for our fundraisers!

Our campus is also open for parents to better themselves by checking out books and resources from our library. We also have a dedicated computer for parents to apply for jobs online or access support programs.

Working together, we can help guide the next generation on the path to success. We appreciate your support along the way!