How to Register/Get on the Waiting List

We know that selecting a high quality early educational program is an important part of your family planning. You can register for our waiting list in person at Pathways. We call the families on our waiting list on a quarterly basis with updates and to ensure contact information is up to date. Please feel free to call us at (239) 657-2201 or email for information.

If you were referred from an organization, like the Early Learning Coalition, they provide the necessary documents for registration at Pathways.

If you are registering by yourself, please bring the following items to Pathways:

  • Paychecks for the past 30 days
  • Your child’s immunization records, physical information and original birth certificate

The degree to which a child’s care is subsidized is determined by the family’s income. The majority of families pay less than 50% -70% of the true cost of their child’s care.